7 Successful Email Marketing Strategies in 2021

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Email marketing is considered a basic form of digital marketing. Companies widely use this form of marketing to promote their businesses and increase their customer base. Studies say that for every dollar that marketers spend on email marketing, they earn $40.

Email marketing contributes to a company’s ROI as follows:

49%  of people emphasize that businesses send them promotional emails at least once a week. This statistic highlights the impact that this form of marketing has on customers.

Email marketing plays an essential role in keeping the business’s image fresh in the customers’ minds. It helps companies to nurture, acquire, and retain customers. If you want to make your efforts more effective, try video marketing in email marketing.

We are going to look at some email marketing strategies, that if adopted by businesses in 2021, will enable them to enhance their market presence significantly and attract customers to opt for their products compared to their competitors:

1. Automated Emails:

Welcome emails are a perfect example of an automated email campaign. Studies say that welcome emails can generate 320% more revenue per email. Their open rate is four times higher than other emails, and they have five times higher click-through rates than promotional emails.

The transactions & Revenue per email

The company can create automated emails for other purposes like when a customer makes a purchase, response time for a query, an anniversary reminder.

It is vital, as well, that the company keeps monitoring the email marketing campaign’s performance and brings about necessary changes if required. To maintain definitive results, aligning the campaign according to need is essential.

2. Email List Segmentation:

To be more effective, break down your email list into smaller specific groups according to set criteria. If you do this, you are more specific and relevant to the audience. You can create groups based on purchase history, subscription history, geographic location, or any other criteria that you feel appropriate.

Email list segmentation leads to a higher open rate, click rate, and conversion rate. Some marketers have stated that they have noticed a 760% increase in their revenue through email segmentation.

3. Email Personalization:

Your audience will most likely show interest in something that is personalized compared to something general. A personalized message resonates more with the audience, and it is likely to create a deeper connection.

Make your emails as personalized as you can so that you can grab the recipient’s attention, and they click on your email to see what message it contains. Personalize the email’s subject line to its body and even its ending.

4. Make Sure Your Emails Have a CTA:

Except for emails like thank you emails or best wishes emails, include a CTA in all the emails you send. This makes the recipient know what you expect of him/her.

Whether you want them to make a purchase, sign up for a free trial, or visit your website. Your CTA may even require the recipient to visit a physical location like visiting your store to avail discount.

5. No-reply Emails are a Big No!

The reasons why your company should avoid sending emails with a no-reply address are as follows:

  • They are not as effective as those that enable users to take action.
  • People have trust issues with these emails.
  • They are likely to be ignored by the recipient because they catch the negative words ‘no-reply’ at the beginning of the email.
  • People don’t regard them as useful.

Instead of having an email with such an email address, try to send emails from an email account that is active and useful. Has it managed and ensure that it addresses recipient queries on time?

6. Before Sending, Test your Emails:

Before sending emails, send a test email to yourself and check for the following:

  • Email is working accordingly.
  • If it contains an image, it should be presentable.
  • There should be no unnecessary content in the email.
  • Spelling mistakes.
  • The hyperlinks and CTA buttons are working.

Doing this will enable you to analyze your email and overcome any issues as necessary.

7. Analyze the Performance of your Email Marketing Campaigns:

Keep analyzing how your marketing is going. For this, the following is some critical analysis data that you can use to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns:

  • Open rate: no. of emails opened / no. of emails delivered.
  • Click rate: unique clicks / emails delivered
  • Delivery date: no. of emails delivered / no. of emails sent.
  • Opt-out: total opt-outs / no. of emails delivered

Dedicating time and energy to marketing your business may be quite tricky. And with increasing demand, this task may become even more difficult in the coming times. With this article, we have tried to help you out by suggesting that you grow your business through email marketing. These email marketing strategies will certainly help you improve your business’s performance and expand your reach.

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