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Considering the ups and downs the world experienced in 2020, it is almost impossible to predict what is coming next in 2021 rightly. This uncertainty has taken the digital world by storm. However, the shift in consumer trends and demands in the past year has set some new trends for 2021. With most of the world living in the digital industry these days, there has been a massive increase in video consumption, online marketing, etc. For any e-commerce business to meet the consumers’ demands, they must strategize, keeping in mind the trends that can help them communicate in the best way possible.

According to whatever research that has been carried out so far, it seems that the digital marketing trends will revolve around two clear, however, complete opposite concepts. The first is general humanization, where it entails connecting more with the target market.  It is essential to have a personal appeal in the marketing ideas. This can be done by revolving video marketing around real issues that would suit the individuals rather than appealing to the mass society. The second factor is technical optimization. This includes the strategies businesses follow to run their campaigns.

If you want to know the hottest marketing trends in 2021 to boost up your online business strategies, they are presented below.

1. Inclusivity

One thing that has great value in consumers’ minds now is inclusivity. They appreciate and look for content that is inclusive of different religions, races, genders, etc. Several research pieces have shown that consumers are now shifting from brands that do not show diversity in their product portfolios. Hence, inclusivity is a trend that should be followed in video marketing for 2021.

2. The Live Stream Boom on Mobiles

It is predicted that in 2021, live video streaming is one trend that will top the chart for consumers. Research recently indicated that in the year 2021, every consumer would at least have 9.5 video streaming apps installed on their phones. This means that businesses should now shift to more live stream videos rather than un-cut long videos to engage their target market with their content fully.

3. Short Videos

With the bloom of Tiktok videos and REELS on Instagram, it is predicted that short videos will be a definite trend for the video marketing world in 2021. It is suspected that Instagram might also include options that can help businesses sell their products and services directly from Reels. If this stands true, it would be an excellent opportunity for firms to step on the bandwagon and make the most of this trend in 2021.

4. Increase User Generated Content

User-generated content is another trend that is predicted to be widely followed in 2021. Studies show that UGC can help engage with consumers and attract the right users to your business. It is also proven that UGC videos have a ten times higher engagement rate than any other content, and along with that, studies have also shown that users who find a business through UGC are more likely to stay on the site for longer than usual.

5. More Educational Videos

With the coronavirus rise, students have had to adapt to online studies in the past year. This is why e-learning is a trend that would help businesses to bloom; hence they should try incorporating video content with the knowledge to attract users towards their business.

6. Rise of Shoppable Videos

To make shopping online easier and more efficient, shoppable video is a trend that will be followed in 2021. These videos help users choose products they like through the video and buy them directly rather than searching for them separately.

7. Virtual Events

Although it is expected that with the decrease of restrictions, in-person events can be made possible again, however, businesses have now become fond of virtual events and prefer those keeping in mind all the benefits that come with them. This is a trend that would be continued in 2021 even if the pandemic ends.

8. Featured Snippets

The topmost priority of every business in 2021 is to reach “position zero” on google. This means to have a place in a separate box located on the top in Google where more relevant information is displayed.

9. Ad-blockers

Another trend to be followed in 2021 is overcoming obstacles like ad blockers. Businesses need to adapt to this obstacle and switch to other alternates that minimize the display of ads in between videos to attract more traffic to their sites.

10. More Investments in Video Marketing

Marketers believe that video marketing gives them twice as much ROI as any other blog content. Hence businesses must continue to expand video marketing in 2021 to increase website traffic and communicate more efficiently with the target market.

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