4 Reasons to Use Clever Animations in Video Marketing


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In this day and age of digital marketing, video content creation has gained dominance over all other marketing mediums. In that too, animated videos are a preferred and popular form of video marketing. They help companies get their message across to their audiences with the available, affordable resources. They have saved them from the hassle of setting up locations, backgrounds, shootings, editing, and many other things and have reduced the work of 5-10 members into just 1 or 2. Here’s a graph to show how the 3D animation market has grown in size and techniques over time:

Blue bar graph

Figure: 3D animation market size by technique (USD Billion)

Animation enables you to demonstrate a concept, no matter how hard it is, quickly and clearly. It provides an ability to communicate ideas that is impossible to do in real life. Here are some reasons why animated videos should be used by companies to get their product/service concepts into the heads of the audience:

1. Animated videos help businesses compete through new ideas:

Businesses feel a constant need to come up with new content almost every day to survive. Initially, they may need a product explainer video, but as time passes and they have already put up the primary, essential content for their brand, there comes a challenge. What is next? They have to develop other forms of video content that are engaging enough to make the customers continue to opt for their brand.

Coming up with new videos is a challenging task, but animated videos have helped businesses develop new videos as quickly as one can imagine. To make their product/services features stand out, they have to think of an original script, put it into a video, and there they are with a completely new reason for the customers to choose their brand over the competitors.

2. Animated videos are likely to rank high on Google SERPs:

Studies say that if your company’s website or any of its pages have animated video embedded in them, the likelihood that your business ranks high in the google search results increases by 50%. As Google now controls YouTube, videos’ impact on a company’s position on the search engine has increased.

To make your company appear on the top results of the Google search engine, make sure to:

  • Optimize the video on YouTube for SEO;
  • Add backlinks to your company’s website, products/services; and
  • Include unique titles and descriptions in your videos

Not only this, animated videos play an essential role in increasing the visitor’s stay time on the website, and there is a high likelihood that he/she browses longer than usual because they find the content attractive and relevant.

3. Animated videos appeal psychologically:

Animation engages the human mind better than any other direct, straightforward video. Kids watch cartoons and animated movies with so much interest that they capture their attention with motion, colors, sounds, and moving visuals. Animated videos captivate the audience’s attention and make them stick to the message even if it is long and technical. They increase the viewers’ attention span and increase the probability that they will respond favorably to the message.

Here is a saying from a famous writer, “if you want people to connect with your content emotionally, animated video is an investment worth making.”

If you want a technical and detailed product communicated to the target customers effectively, making an animated video to explain its detail would be a great choice.

4. Animation can help present abstract ideas:

There is nothing impossible in the animation world. One of the best benefits that animated videos provide to the user is that they visually present abstract ideas. As it might be challenging to do so in the case of a simple, usual video, animated videos facilitate the designer through a comprehensive set of tools and options to put whatever is in their mind into the picture.

There are sounds, music, colors, and pictures that can present the idea that the user has. Not only this, the user can use graphs to show his/her concept and explain them through audio. This might be very difficult to be presented in the form of text. The user would have to struggle with words, phrases, and tone and still might not achieve his/her goal.

Animated videos can help you take your story to an entirely new level. It does not have constraints found when shooting a regular video but are easy to design and upload. They can help a company improve its presence on the internet and enable them to influence customers’ lives. Whether simple or complex, they provide an excellent platform for businesses to present their ideas.

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