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Vimeo has a very artistic niche, which makes it an ideal platform for marketers. Vimeo comes with a free basic plan, and its Vimeo Pro, Business, and Premium plans can be bought for $20, $50, and $75 per month.


Vimeo allows you to embed your videos and live streams on any platform. Embedding allows your videos and live streams to have a greater reach. A greater distance means more views and increased brand/product awareness and popularity, which is the primary goal of any marketing campaign. Another way in which Vimeo helps with engagement is that it allows you to add GIF’s of your videos in your promotional emails and share your videos natively on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Features like the clickable call to action and email is capturing and syncing help you generate more leads and drive conversations with your potential and current audience.


The integration of Google analytics in Vimeo makes tracking stats and checking engagement graphs very easy and convenient. This helps the marketer quickly determine what content intrigues and enthralls their target audience the most. It not just helps them with ideas for creating better content but also helps them optimize more effectively. 

The interface is very user friendly, which helps avoid any potential complications. Apart from statistics, you can also track plays and the number of emails captured for every embedded video. This feature is very crucial for keeping tabs on engagement and lead generation.


Vimeo Create is a tool that will help you create videos for your marketing campaign. You can easily make videos from Stock photos and videos. However, Vimeo Create is not available to primary users. It is known to Premium level, Pro, Plus, and Business users. It is a user-friendly tool that saves time and saves marketers from the hassle of purchasing/downloading a new video creator for their campaign. It was built specifically for small business and amateurs content creators to help them drive maximum engagement. Vimeo also creates the official creative partner of Pinterest.


Vimeo helps you manage all your videos in one place as it allows you to upload videos up to 5TB without any weekly limits for its business users, and Pro users can use 20 GB every week. This feature is included in the membership fee, and it makes managing videos very convenient without having to worry about storage space. This feature allows you to organize your library and has options like player customization and advanced privacy settings.


The team collaboration feature helps you give access and control to up to 3 members if you’re a Pro member and up to 10 members if you’ve subscribed to the Business plan. This promotes seamless collaborations and makes video management very easy and less hectic.


Vimeo has many useful integrations like Final Cut Pro X, Dropbox, Google Drive, Square space, Mail Chimp, Infusion Soft, Box, Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

With slack, you can create a private workspace, get instant updates, and easily sync your projects. You can directly upload your videos from Dropbox, Adobe, Google Drive, One Drive, and Box. You can natively host, manage, and upload videos from GoDaddy. Shopify helps you convert your images into engaging videos. Eventbrite helps you with ticketed live events, and Bizzabo and Splash will help you with your live events.


Vimeo is one of the few platforms with the Twitter card functionality as it gives you the option of creating full body clips from Google. It also allows you to index your videos and provides the designed data required for SERP. Vimeo also helps videos list better and helps your audience locate your videos in organic lists with refining descriptions, meta titles, and tags, and a very vigorous keyword search. These features are one of the primary reasons why many video marketers prefer Vimeo over YouTube.

To enhance your channel’s appeal and attract more audiences, Vimeo gives you the option to optimize your channel with a wide range of customization options. It gives you the option of adding logos and making your page details appealing with many colors and images to choose from.


Vimeo comes with a myriad of features and options that can help you with your marketing campaign. It covers all the essential features required to create an effective marketing campaign like engagement, analytic tracking, video production, and the option to promote on all renowned platforms making it a reliable video marketing platform. Apart from uploading videos related to your product or brand, you can always run ads of your product or brand on Vimeo.

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