7 Video Marketing Rules: From Brainstorming to Production

Rules From Brainstorming

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Video marketing is now considered essential by businesses to enhance their brand awareness, generate leads, and penetrate the market. A study says that almost 85% of the companies consider it an essential part of their marketing strategy.

video important

Video marketing is a powerful tool to engage the audience and influence their decisions. A study says that people spend one-third of their time watching online videos. This form of marketing leaves an impact on them.

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?


Here are some benefits of this form of marketing:

  • 84% of markets say that this form of marketing increases their website traffic
  • 96% of people prefer to watch a video to gain an understanding of a product/service.
  • A website that has a video embedded in it has 52 times more probability of showing up on Google than text.

With this said, let’s take a look at the steps for creating an effective and impactful video marketing strategy:

1. Define your target audience:

Knowing your buyers well is the key to formulating an effective video marketing strategy. There are different means through which you can understand your buyers and hence draft a video that resonates with them. The few means that can be used are: customer surveys, analyzing which social media platform your prospects spend most of their time, some Googling and interviewing the customers about how they think about your product/service.

Select your target

By analyzing these factors, you will have a better insight into your customers and will be able to come up with content that is relevant to them.

2. Clearly define what the goal of your video is:

Your video can have many aims: to promote your brand, generate leads, introduce a sales promotion, drive more traffic, or any other. Be clear on its purpose, and then create a video to deliver what you intend. A video that lacks purpose will not yield the desired results, and even if your content is superb, the audience will not relate to it.

10 times successful

3. Devising your brand language is important:

How you communicate with your audience is important. Your tone and style of communication should be captivating and provoking.

Don’t just start drafting your message, instead dedicate some time in figuring out how you will leave a lasting impact on the audience, what methodology you will adopt that will make your brand stand out from your competitors, and how will you convince the audience that your brand is the solution they have been looking for. Thinking of these factors before drafting your message will enable you to develop one that the audience will find worth considering.

4. Make a budget:

It is essential to know the money and resources that will go into creating your video. There are various options available to a company to choose from, but it would have to select those that support its budget. Some videos and features may be more costly as compared to others. Analyzing this is very important as a failure to do so may result in all your efforts going waste.

5. Create content:

Make sure your video has attention-grasping footage, text, and sounds. The footage should be engaging for the audience even if they are watching the ad without text and sound. It should communicate the message and evoke the right emotions in them. 

Next comes the text. Your copy should develop an urge in the audience to watch the message. The best way to achieve this is by writing a copy that is brief and to the point. Also, no message is complete without specifying what is desired from the viewer. Make sure to incorporate a clear call-to-action slide as the last part of your message.

The sound and music of your message should complement your message. The study says that if a commercials background sound goes well with the message, it impacts the audience, and they are likely to retain the message longer.

6. Follow your timeline:

Not following a timeline may get you into trouble. As there are many departments involved in creating and marketing a video, you must have a timeline defined for each department and have them follow them strictly. Doing this will result in functioning smoothly from the beginning till the end.


7. Test, test and test your campaign’s performance:

Who wouldn’t want to know how their campaign is performing. Whether the message has been compelling enough, or some aspects need to be re-considered. The top five metrics to analyze your online performance are:

  • Engagement rate
  • View count
  • Play rate
  • Social sharing
  • Feedback
view count

These were the key steps that a company should follow to market its video content. It will surely boost up the company’s revenue and profits. Not only this, the company will notice that it has earned many customers and increased its customer base. These steps guarantee a noticeable increase in the company’s brand popularity.

Video Marketing Statistics 2021

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