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For years, business analysts predicted that email marketing would soon either fade away or be replaced by newer marketing products’ strategies. However, that has not yet happened. Even today, email marketing remains to be one of the most influential and impactful designs, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Email marketing is considered one of the most comfortable and most affordable tools to get maximum customer engagement and grow small scale businesses. However, it is indeed a task to know the most effective tips and tricks to help companies’ email marketing work. This article is your go-to guide to learn about these tips!

1. Adding A Touch Of Personalization

One factor that is crucial for email marketing campaigns is adding a touch of personalization to the emails. Quite a few researches conducted in this field have reported that personalized emails have 30% higher unique open rates and 40% higher exceptional click rates than non-personalized emails.  

 It is also noted that there is a high probability for consumers to purchase from a brand that sends personalized emails as compared to those who do not. An example of a customized email could be birthday messages. These generate a 350% higher revenue and 480% higher transaction rate than standard emails. 

2. Keeping Subject Lines to the Point

One thing that holds immense importance in email marketing is the subject line. 50% of customers are reported to open the email only based on the subject line, so brands must use short but catchy phrases for their subject lines to attract their target market and maximize engagement.  

 Another research also showed that catchy subject lines with a sense of urgency also have a 20% higher opening rate. Brands should follow the mantra of “the more they tell with less” while creating subject lines for their emails. 

3. Categorizing Email Lists

Brands must understand that every customer is different, has a different nature leading to other demands. This is why they must categorize their email lists so that the right email reaches the right customer to get maximum engagement from them and achieve success through email marketing.  

Segmentation of email lists can be based on demographic factors like age, residential locations, gender, and interests based on purchasing history. This helps in getting more engagement and receiving more customer data from these emails for future use.

4. Design Mobile-Friendly Emails

In a world that is increasingly becoming more tech-savvy and digital, 80% of customers now own mobile phones and usually open their emails on their phones. Brands need to make sure the emails that they design are mobile-friendly to attract maximum customers.  

 A few tips that can help brands make mobile-friendly emails are to use smaller images with a combination of bigger font sizes. These emails should always have a call-to-action option that takes the customer’s right to the product they want to purchase through the email.

5. Create Win-Back Campaigns for Inactive Customers

The first and foremost thing for brands to figure out while trying to win back inactive subscribers is why they are dormant in the first place. Some customers get irritated if brands send too many emails and stop engaging in such cases, while some feel like the content is no more relevant to them. 

 After knowing why, the subscriber is inactive, the brands can then come up with win-back strategies to bring them back on board. Strategies like sending re-engagement emails with an incentive can attract them back to your business in most cases. 

6. Send Emails at the Right Time

A tip that can help businesses increase their success through email marketing campaigns includes sending the right emails, to the right people, at the right time. There is not one single time that would cater to everyone and result in engagement from every consumer type.  

 The type of business you own also plays a significant role in deciding the time to send emails. Quite a few researches have concluded that if you have an E-commerce business, the best time to send out emails is 10 am. If it is an NGO, the ideal time for those is 3 pm – 4 pm and so on. 

7. Let Customers Manage Their Subscriptions

Letting customers manage their email subscriptions will not only result in your lists cleansing automatically but also increase your click-through rate and success.  

Giving the customers an option to manage their preference on how frequently they would like to receive your emails or whether they want to unsubscribe once they feel like the brand does not resonate with them anymore are all strategies to increase your success and result in better engagement through email marketing campaigns. 

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