9 Things to Remember When Making an Explainer Video

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Video marketing is the most common trend these days, with explainer videos becoming extremely popular as they enable the audience to better connect with the company and its brand. It helps them better understand the company’s business model and what it is offering.

While many of us think that creating good videos is just a piece of cake, let me mention here that developing a good explainer video requires planning and brainstorming to convey content that is attractive and yields the right results.

This article will highlight some of the essential things that marketers should keep in mind when creating an explainer video:

1. Choose the right platforms for marketing:

Social media may be the best platform that can be utilized by marketers to market their ideas and expand their reach. All social media platforms offer the facility to upload video content if desired. Ensure that the company is taking advantage of this facility to enhance its brand awareness and expand its customer base.

Uploading explainer videos on these platforms will enable companies to earn more customers as they are the most visited platforms by people worldwide. According to a study, there are 2.77 billion social media users globally.

Explainer video

2. Understand your audience:

Without understanding what the audience needs are and what they care about, a company will not be able to develop content that resonates with them. That should be the whole purpose of an explainer video.

The video should be able to tap into their problems and suggest a solution that will ease them. If the video fails to do so, the audience will not watch it.

3. Be entertaining:

In addition to being informative, value-additive, and inspiring, the video must be entertaining.

Creating an entertaining video will make the audience consider opting for the brand as a solution to their problem. It is through entertainment that the company will be able to grab the attention of the audience and influence their decisions.

4. The content should be simple:

The whole purpose of an explainer video is to explain complicated concepts in simple words.

The tone and style of the message should be easy to understand and conveys a message that is straight to the point and short. It is okay to be elaborative, but giving out unnecessary details distracts the audience from getting the gist of the learning.

5. Focus on the benefits more than features:

Behind creating an explainer video, every company aims to capture the audience’s attention and make its product/service stand out in the market, right? That is possible if the videos highlight the benefits of opting for the brand instead of other similar products in the market.

With the age of the internet, prospects already know the specifications of the product. What the company needs is to convince them to buy the brand, and by presenting something novel to the attention of the audience which they are not aware of. This can be achieved by highlighting the advantages of purchasing the brand.

6. Branding is vital:

To make the brand create a lasting impression on the prospects, make sure that the video includes the logo that is a true representation of who you are as a business and how you would like to be perceived.

Branding not only enhances the quality of the content but plays a major role in influencing the decision-making process of the audience.

7. Structure the content well:

To make the video appear professional and captivating, the video should be categorized into different sections.

The best approach will be highlighting the problem that the audience might be facing in common, recommending a solution to their problem, and highlighting why the company will best meet their needs, and then ending with a CTA.

The video should also include the company’s contact information so that the audience has their queries quickly resolved whenever they need them.

8. An expert voice over can make a lot of difference:

An expert voice over will get a larger crowd and will make the video appear more professional.

Experts know what tone they should adopt when delivering which part of the message and they better understand the content’s requirements. It is always wise to invest a bit in professional voice overs.

9. Don't put all the efforts into visuals:

I understand that visuals play an important role in grasping the audience’s attention, but with an explainer video, our ultimate aim is to bring the product to the audience’s attention.

Visuals should only illustrate the story well that the voice over is trying to communicate. Having too many visuals in a short video is distracting and deviates from the primary purpose of promoting the brand. 

To make the company’s digital marketing efforts succeed, it should make explainer videos an important part of its marketing strategy. This is particularly important for start-ups. Explainer videos communicate the desired message more easily as they contain a combination of visuals and voice-over. They are an effective way to promote a company’s brand.

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