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Our client is an e-commerce brand dealing in electronic products including home appliances, smartphones, gaming and gadgets, laptops and PCs, and audio and video equipment. After a decade of being in the business, it had been unable to establish itself as the market leader. The major reason for this was that the customers had negative emotions associated with the brand based on their prior shopping experience.

Client Objectives

Based on the client brief, the objectives were clear. Viewrave was to establish a fresh identity for the brand, from a mid-tier brand to a luxury brand, by adopting the rebranding marketing strategy. The idea was to generate positive word of mouth and increase the customer lifetime value (CLV) for the brand. The client also wanted us to focus on expanding the number of repeat purchases.

Viewrave's Strategy

Given that the client was from the e-commerce industry, it made sense to have a laser-like focus on the digital marketing strategy of the brand. A 360-degree approach was adopted under which we worked on the client’s website design revamp, social media and content management strategy, conversion rate optimization, and onsite and offsite SEO. 

Using video content as the weapon, we launched the new face of the brand on all active social media platforms as well as the website’s main page. These videos explained in detail all the new aspects of the business, including products, features, App and website shopping experiences, return/exchange/refund policies, and more! We also launched YouTube podcasts and managed the content strategy for the channel.

On the website, we opened up sections for comments and product reviews, installed social share plug-ins, as well as introduced a chatbot prompting the visitors to dive deeper into other pages of the website.

To increase the conversion rate as well as the number of repeat purchases from each customer, dynamic remarketing ads were launched simultaneously on Facebook and Google. Based on the difference in the attribution cycle of the two platforms, we kept the budget split 60-40 respectively.

The results

The results of the campaign were apparent within the same month of the execution. The website visitors jumped from a 6-digit figure to a 7-digit number. The conversion rate increased by about 317%, of which the repeat visitors held 80% of the share. The buzz of the campaign could be seen three months after execution in the form of customer queries both online and offline. The online rating of the brand also jumped from 3.5 to 5. For social media, the YouTube channel had over 102,000 subscribers within the 30-day window and the page’s SEO health improved by up to 790%.

Website visitors jumped from 6 to a 7-digit number

Conversion rate increased by about 317%

Online rating of the brand also jumped from 3.5 to 5

SEO health improved by up to 790%

Viewrave's Package

The client purchased a customized Viewrave package which included video content strategy and production, brand building, and SMO, for a project basis, as well as video production and advertising for an ongoing long term basis.

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