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Online users spend one-third of their time watching videos. With such a huge portion of users watching online videos, it would not be very reasonable not to utilize this as a marketer. Companies use videos to connect with and educate their customers about their brand, and video marketing has been proven to create the best ROI. Another research shows that more than 50% of online users prefer videos from brands over generic videos. Following are some of the ways you can use video marketing to grow your business. 


If used efficiently and effectively, videos can help you convey your vision, mission statement, and brand image in the most effective way. Companies often try to engage their target audience or garner their attention by making witty, emotional, and thought-provoking videos marketing their product, which helped them develop their brand’s intended perception in their target audience’s mind. It has been proven in the past that companies that used videos to market their products generated significantly more sales than when they dealt with their products via texts and images. This is because videos helped the customer emotionally connect with your brand and product. Companies can also play their role in corporate social responsibility by making videos that revolve around social causes. This would help them in creating a positive image in the minds of their current and potential customers. 


Visually appealing, fun, and engaging videos with content that manages to grab the masses’ attention often break the internet. Companies can utilize this fact by creating similar videos that revolve around their product or brand’s message. With the right script and content, many brands have managed to add to these trends. This helped them engage their customers and grab their potential customers’ attention, thus resulting in a positive impact on their sales.  

Viral content often trends for months and, in some cases, a whole year. Companies can leverage this and keep themselves relevant by creating similar videos. The longer they remain trending and relevant on social media and other platforms, the more people become aware of their product and brand, positively affecting sales.  This will also give you an edge over any new competitor entering the marketing. The target audience will have a soft spot for your brand because of its video being viral, and competitors will struggle to create brand awareness for their product. 


Videos can help you create a personal connection with your current customers and all the potential ones. This is something that brands often struggle to achieve when they promote their products via blogs and images.  

Through videos, you can get your current customers and all the potential ones on board. This can be done by asking customers to share their account of what they feel about your product or brand through video interviews or video reviews that they can share on their social media accounts. A compiled video can be shared on the brand’s social media handle.  Apart from creating a personal connection, this also helps create trust in all the customers’ minds as they can get firsthand reviews from other customers. A video explaining all the specifications, purpose, uses, and benefits of the respective product can also be shared on the company’s social media handle. This will create an elevated sense of familiarity in the customer’s mind and grab the attention of potential customers.


Social media is a platform that is used by people of all ages and from all socioeconomic classes. YouTube, which was once the primary source of videos back in the day, alone has around 1 billion customers. Facebook has 2.7 billion active users, and Instagram has 1 billion users. All these social media platforms have an option to upload videos now. According to research, Facebook has a watch time of 100 million hours per day, and 5 billion videos are watched by users daily. This means that if a company uses this fact to their advantage, they can better reach themselves by uploading ads and other interactive videos. Targeting customers and all the potential ones at such a mass level in such a cost-efficient way is something that conventional marketing techniques like billboards and tv ads struggle to provide. A greater audience reach means the increased brand and product awareness, which results in increased sales and revenues.  


Most of the customers won’t bother reading long blog posts and product reviews. However, watching interactive and visually appealing videos will pique their interest. In a nutshell, videos don’t just let you convey your message effectively and to a greater audience but also create a positive image of your brand. There is a myriad of video marketing tactics that can be incorporated to achieve this.

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