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Easy to set up and efficiently effective, PPC campaigns are a great way of attracting target-audience to your real estate website. PPC campaigns do not require third-party databases to draw target-audience. With the correct techniques, PPC campaigns can bring a significant amount of traffic, which results in increased revenue.

Often large websites tend to dominate the search engine result pages. This ranking is not always organic, and this is where PPC comes in. With the correct keywords and an effective PPC campaign, it possible to bring your real estate website on top of the search engine result pages.  Following are some of the ways this can be achieved:


The first and the most crucial step while creating a PPC campaign for real estate marketing is to do a thorough research of your target market. It is critical to note down the likes, dislikes, demographics, and all the necessary small details related to the target audience. Another essential aspect of PPC campaigns is the use of pertinent keywords. Using the right keywords will help display your real estate ads to the relevant audience. However, the usage of wrong keywords could result in higher cost, and it could attract the wrong group of people, who are less likely to buy from you. Negative keywords can also be incorporated. These keywords will make sure that your ad doesn’t show up when specific keywords are used. For instance, you can make a list of negative keywords specifically for a city or state and its abbreviations. This will filter all the irrelevant and duplicate searches. This will help you eliminate low intent searches and attract the people who’re most likely to buy properties via your website.


Often users are only interested in a specific type of listing, and there’s a chance of losing them if they land on your homepage directly. To gauge their interest, you will have to make a custom landing page for those particular listings and then include all the benefits your website offers to them and other relevant details like photographs, neighborhood information, etc.


Another critical aspect of creating a PPC campaign is to get good leads and then follow them up. One way of doing this is by creating pop-ups that occur after a user has gone through a couple of home listings. An option of asking the user’s email address through these pop-ups can also be incorporated to record all the leads and create an email marketing list.


You will also have to test several descriptions, headlines, and images and see which ones generate the best results. Another great tactic is studying your competitor’s ads and utilize the tactics that’ll work best for your real estate website. You can also incorporate the geo-targeting strategy in your PPC campaigns. After selecting your target location, you should choose your potential customers and then reach out to them.


Various extensions can also be added to make your PPC campaign effective. It is advisable to use three extensions per ad. Ad rank is one such extension. Location extensions can assist your target audience in finding the listed property’s location along with its phone number and nearby areas. Price extensions are relatively newer but very convenient for customers. A list of prices is mentioned, and the customer can click on their preferred price range and be redirected to the list of properties falling in that price range.

Just one type of marketing technique is often not enough, and you can incorporate video marketing in your PPC campaign as users often find videos highly engaging. For instance, you can add videos of the respective property and its neighboring areas in such an appealing manner that entices your target audience to click and visit your webpage. Video marketing, along with PPC, can help create a very effective, efficient, and interactive PPC Campaign. One of your primary focus should be increasing your campaign’s ROI over time. This can be done by doing a cost to benefit analysis from time to time and cutting unnecessary expenditures.


In a nutshell, your ad should be appealing and compelling enough to the target audience. Then you must optimize the data in your webpages for people and search engines. Figuring out highly performing keywords will be one of the most fundamental things you will do for your campaign. Keeping up with all the shifts in preferences and trends and then choosing ad trends and extensions and changing them with changing audience preferences is the key to making your PPC campaign successful in the long run. There are many options and tactics that one can include in their PPC campaign. You must figure out what methods and techniques work best for your website.

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