How to Grow Your Audience Using Facebook Marketing

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Among many social media platforms, Facebook is a known and widely used platform. It has 2.7 billion monthly active users, and they increase at a rate of 12 percent every year. Its increased use has made many businesses opt for it to promote their brand and enhance their presence in the market.

The best part is, Facebook is no longer just a tool for social interaction. It is also used by public figures and brands alike to increase their following and promote their page.

Businesses now think Facebook marketing is essential to survive in the market. They no longer see themselves doing well without it. Whether it is a new business or an old one, it has rightfully realized that Facebook marketing is essential to increase its customer base.

An average person spends almost an hour on this platform. This is enough time to get your brand noticed. With an effective marketing strategy, you can influence the audiences’ decisions and make them choose your brand instead of your competitors.

This article will highlight a few ways you can increase your audience using Facebook marketing:

1. Host Live Sessions:

To give your audience a better understanding of your business, hold live sessions to engage them and give them an insight of what you do. This will enable them to better comprehend your product/service and increases the likelihood that they will visit your official website to explore your business further.

Live questions and answers session is a great way to interact with the customers. The audience finds it effective. It also enables them to clear any thoughts that they might have about the business.

To boost user engagement, take them through your production process, show them what efforts you put to deliver the products to your customers, how you ensure that your product/service is of high quality. Introduce them to your workforce to enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Be More Active on Your Business Page:

Ensure that your page is elaborative and facilitates that user on all the information they will need to understand what you do.

Your page should represent your business style. Use your business logo so that people recognize you.

Whenever you post, be creative. Use videos, images, and facts that make your business stand out from your competitors.

Join different Facebook groups. This will expand your reach, and the probability of you being noticed will increase.

Link your Facebook business profile with your other social media platforms’ profiles. People on those platforms will get to know that you can be reached on Facebook too.

3. Be Consistent in Posting Content:

To make your business remain fresh in the minds of the audience, make a habit of posting frequently. A study says that it has been noticed that people are not consistent in posting on Facebook. This may be regarded as a major factor in not getting the desired following for your business.

There are many social media planning templates available. You can use the one below:

Social Media Planner viewrave

Plan when you are going to be posting and what you are going to be posting.

The following graph highlights the best time to post on Facebook:

post,Comment and Reactions graph viewrave

Make sure you post during those days to earn maximum engagements and customers.

4. Increase Engagement with Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups bring people having a common interest on one platform. That is why it is easier to influence them. Facebook group offers you an additional advantage of promoting your brand effectively to the prospect. Since they are more receptive on this platform, they are likely to absorb the information faster and pay attention to what you have to say.

5. Facebook Events:

Another way to earn an audience is by creating a Facebook event and inviting the followers to visit it to know your brand better.

You can even create a virtual event. Now webinars are very common and feasible to connect to millions of people. There are many popular webinar apps available that can be used to create an effective session.

6. Add a CTA to your Posts:

To make the audience respond positively to your promotion, do state what you expect them to do after watching your promotional video or reading a post.

Whether you want them to purchase your product or sign up for a free trial. This will enable them to understand better what you want from them. As you will be clear, it will remove any doubts that they might have about your business in their minds.

7. Always Meet the Expectations of Your Audience:

To do this, you should create content that your audience likes and demands. Analyze the reactions of your audience on your posts.

‘Page reach’ is a Facebook analytics tool that will enable you to analyze how many new Facebook users viewed your post:

Facebook Post reach viewrave

These were some of the strategies that will surely increase your customers. Whether it is a start-up or a business that has been in the market, these strategies will ensure that your business keeps growing. If the business adapts these strategies, they will notice a significant increase in its revenue and profits.

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