How to Increase the View Count and Watch Time of Your Videos

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When you upload a video to YouTube, you aim to get the maximum views right? Sometimes the users fail to achieve what they had planned to even though they had put up a spectacular content. Listed below are some techniques through which you can maximize your views and hence earn popularity.

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the basics:

The YouTube counts views if:
  • the user intentionally initiates to watch the video i.e he does not hit the video only, by mistake or by chance; and if,
  • the video has been watched for more than 30 seconds.
A videos watch time is the amount of time in aggregate that a video has been watched altogether by the users. The more the watch time, the more likely it is that your video will get popularity.
The following are some strategies to increase the above of your videos:

1. Create Good Videos:

The video should attract user attention, making them watch the video even when they don’t want to. The content should be informative and worth watching. It is important to highlight here that the video doesn’t have to be lengthy; this doesn’t matter, all that matters that the users find it interesting and useful. There is no need either that the video should be highly produced, using the latest camera technology and the most modern locations. The video should be clear, nicely captured, and audible.

2. Promote Your Video:

Post links of your video on other social media accounts that you have like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can even promote your videos to your email accounts. Promoting your videos increases your viewership and you may also find your videos get popular within such little time that you might have never imagined. If you have a regular viewer base, you might also inform them personally through an email or a personal message that you have created something new for them. 

3. Have Subscribers For Your Videos:

The more subscribers you have the more likely it is that your future videos will be watched more than usual. The following are some ways in which you can increase the number of subscribers of your videos:

  • Create an annotation ‘subscribe’, appearing at the bottom of your videos, highlighting when the videos end asking the viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  • Posting a request for the users to subscribe to your videos at the beginning and at the end of your videos
  • Keep creating videos. The number of videos that you have created will increase and you’ll be more likely to be reached by the users, hence increasing the number of subscribers.

4. Know What’s The Hot Topic These Days:

Your videos should be based on what the ongoing trend is in the industry. What is the latest news, the latest norm, the latest strategy? You should be the first one to break the news of what has been happening in the industry. If there are any updates, any new technology, any new business idea. People like to remain updated and there is no way you won’t get popularity if you post the most current stuff first. This will make you the leader in the industry and your content the most viewed. This is especially true for the video marketing strategy for small businesses.

5. Build A Relationship With Your Viewers:

Try and coordinate with other YouTubers. You can get involved with video uploaders and commenters. This will increase the likelihood that they notice you and your work and hence appreciate and promote it. They might even end up subscribing to your channel. Most promotional video production campaigns are planned around this objective. Some ways to establish this communication are as follows:

  • Reply to the comments posted by the YouTubers. In other words, interact suitably.
  • You can run a YouTube contest. That’s is a great way to interact. People will show interest in you and your products and might like you.
  • With permission, use the contents of other YouTubers in your videos.

6. Create Playlists Of Your Videos:

Organize your videos in an interesting way, a bunch of them, and upload them on YouTube. This will enable the viewers to watch a whole trail of videos without having to search for the following videos. When the playlist ends, the viewer will be guided to other suggested videos, they may or may not be your videos, whatever the case be you will still get credit for that watch time. For instance, in case of a number of training video productions, part of your strategy can be to create a playlist for all the videos to increase watch time.

7. Create Interesting Thumbnails:

Your video titles and thumbnails should reflect your content. They should give a gist to the viewers of they would be watching when they click on the video. Make sure that the thumbnails are not misguiding, that will affect your viewership and the users may stop watching your videos altogether. Some ways to create interesting thumbnails are as follows:

  • The thumbnails should tempt the viewers to click and see what is in the video.
  • The thumbnails should be as attractive and tempting on mobile phones as they are on desktops.
  • Your thumbnails should have an edge over the videos of your competitors.

8. Give A Teaser:

We often see the viewers clicking and watching the beginning of the video and then closing it because they didn’t find it interesting. This is one of the factors that will affect your watch time greatly. Try and make your video interesting by revealing the most exciting part of your video in the beginning. This will make the viewers stick to the video till its end and hence increase your watch time. You can also add, “This video is about…” at the beginning of the video to develop an interest in the viewers.

9. Be Your Best Analyzer:

Analyze your videos yourself. Be your best judge. Analyze them closely and critically. Watch time is the best tool to determine whether your videos have been liked or disliked. Video counts and subscribers can be manipulated easily but watch time is a factor that can’t be manipulated. Look when your viewers lose interest in the videos when watching them, there must be some mistake you must be making or your users might prefer detailed step by step video instead of a concise video.

In conclusion, these nine strategies will boost your YouTube video watch time and view count. In case of any queries, please reach out to ViewRave and we would be happy to help with your next promotional or any other corporate video production needs.

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