How to Keep the Customers Keep Hearing more from You Through Emails

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Although social media and mobile chat apps are a popular medium of communication these days, emails remain to be an effective medium of communication at present times. According to a study, there are over 3.7 billion email users worldwide, and this number keeps increasing.

Emails remain to be the most effective means of communication with a median ROI that is 5x of other social media channels, direct mails, and paid search. According to a study, customers prefer that companies contact them via emails than other mediums.

When writing emails, companies have an ultimate goal to evoke excitement in the recipient of receiving the next email. Because then they follow the company with more interest. Know what it does? It influences the recipient, and he/she definitely ends up purchasing the company’s product/service.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few tactics that are followed by companies when drafting an email to ensure that the customers pay attention to every new email in their inboxes from the company.

1. Subject Lines:

The subject lines are kept informational and exciting. They might contain an important announcement or a teaser or announce an opportunity. Sometimes they are made more interesting by giving a touch of a little mystery.

The company also keeps experimenting with new subject lines based on customer response.

Also, the subject lines are kept short. Because long subject lines don’t appear completely in emails. Also, they are not that effective.

The customer will more likely click on the email if it is specific rather than being generic. This excites the customers as they always want to know what new the company has to offer to them.

2. Emails Are Not Lengthy:

There should not be too much information in one email. If it is a long message, it is broken down into a series of emails. This will keep the recipient engaged as he/she will be looking forward to hearing more from the company. Too much information is hard to follow and is distracting.

To give the recipient more relevant and authentic information, companies link the information that they present in the email to the company’s official website or use other useful links. Through this, the company increases the customer’s knowledge base, and they want to hear more from the company.

3. Email Personalization:

Personal emails tap into the emotions of the recipients and they are likely to pay more attention to the message compared to an email that is general. Personal emails make the recipient feel special as they tell the customer that the company considers it important to pay attention to the individual needs of its customers.

Personal emails keep the audience engaged. Not only this, studies say that 75% of the customers say that they are more likely to buy from a brand that personalizes messages.

4. They try not to be Promotional all the Time:

Emails are drafted in conversational tone. Although promoting the company’s brand is important, being promotional all the time pisses off the recipient. Instead of being promotional, they try to be helpful, like sending appointment reminder emails, cart abandonment emails, or any other emails that are customer-centric and not company-centric.

The customers are more interested in what the company has to offer to them and not what the company has to say about itself all the time!

5. The Emails are Relevant:

Studies say that email recipients only dedicate 15-20 minutes to reading an email. This is all the time the company has got to communicate its message to the customer. Effective messages are short and user-friendly. The paragraphs are only 1-2 lines long. The emails specify clearly what the company wants the recipient to do; make a purchase or sign up for a free trial. This gives a clear idea to the recipient of the objective behind the email. An email that is concise and to-the-point keeps the audience engaged, and they look forward to hearing more from the company.

6. Emails Adopt a Professional Tone:

The emails always have a professional tone and always deliver an impression that they have been written after careful thought. They do not use slang language. They are always checked for spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, there are no typos. Only emails that are written after proper brainstorming are engaging and impress the recipients.

These were some tips on drafting emails that are engaging for the customers and create a long-lasting impact on them. Obviously, the aim of any email is to influence the audience to the point that they become the company’s long-term customers, effective emails are those that are crafted while taking care of the above-mentioned tactics. It is quite a difficult task to create an engaging and impressive content for the audience, but with a little effort one can come up with an attractive and influencing content.

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