How to Maximize Your Sales and Revenue Using Video Marketing in 2021

Using Video Marketing 2021

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Nobody can deny the fact that video content marketing is taking over all forms of marketing strategies. It is one of the most in-demand and preferred by people as a strategic way of brand promotion. 43% of consumers urge the market to opt for this medium in promoting their products and services.

According to a survey, more than half of the marketers worldwide say that video marketing produces the highest ROI as compared to other forms of content marketing.

This form of marketing gears to provide positive results in business profitability but several businesses are continuously avoiding it. Either they are confused about where to start or fear that they might not use it effectively.

Let me tell you that you are making a big mistake over here. Video marketing will dominate all forms of marketing in the coming years. It is going to be the most viewed content.

Neither does it demand a huge investment nor is it difficult to use.

2021 is going to be the year of video content marketing. Here’s how you can use this form of marketing to boost your revenue in the coming year.

1. Incorporate more videos into your company's website:

A website that contains a lot of text is less exciting and unappealing. People get distracted easily and may end up browsing on the website. One way to increase customer engagement on the business’s website is to include more videos and graphic content on it. They are more explanatory than written text. They grab the customer’s attention and prompt them to take the intended action.

Facebook and Youtube stat

Reading huge paragraphs on the company’s products/services and how the company operates is time-consuming. Captivating video content can encourage the target audience to spend more time on your website, which can help increase your search presence. This is especially true for those who aren’t big readers.


2. Hold live Facebook sessions:

Another best way to promote your product/service is through live Facebook streaming. It is the most popular live video streaming platform:

State of live video streaming

It is an effective way to engage your audience and to interact with them. Plan your sessions and what you intend to discuss. Plan how you intend to demonstrate your brand.

When live, ask the audience to feel free to ask you any question, clear any doubts that they have in their minds and ask for any details that they want. Make them feel special by taking their names and answering their queries. This will make them think that you consider your customers important.

This kind of interaction strengthens your bond with your customers.

3. The company’s emails should be video-based:

Video Email

This image explains it all. It highlights the benefits of including videos in the emails that you send to your customers. People find emails that have videos embedded in them more useful than emails with huge paragraphs that require time to read.

To boost your revenue in the coming year, make a habit of promoting your product/service through video-based emails rather than text-based emails. You will see a huge difference in your customer base and sales.

4. Use animated video marketing:

A study says that animated video marketing will play a significant role in improving a company’s revenue in 2021. They range from animated explainer videos to 2D and 3D animated commercials and a mix of animation and live motion. Companies should start exploring these options according to the industry in which they operate.

Whatever form of animated video marketing the company uses, it will surely captivate the audience and will yield the desired results.

5. Create product/service tutorial videos:

These videos are best when you launch a new product/service and want the audience to understand better what you have introduced. These videos will make it easier for the customers to understand the functionality and features of the product and use them in a better way to ease their lives.

The customers will have a better experience using your brand and will likely consider your company best fulfilling their needs.

6. Use Instagram to keep the customers updated about the company:

Instagram enables you to post videos to your Instagram stories. This social media platform will be a useful way to keep your brand updated in the minds of your customers.

They can easily watch your videos when they appear on their homepage and know what new you have to introduce to them. Instagram also offers a live video feature.

Instagram on Phone

Given the competition in the market, your business must keep up with it. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by opting for video content marketing. This form is anticipated to be the most effective platform to engage the audience in the coming times. It is estimated that an average person will spend 100 minutes watching online videos in 2021. It is a 19% increase compared to the time spent in 2019, in which the average time was 84 minutes.

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