How to use Instagram Guides for Your Business

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Instagram recently launched Instagram Guides- a feature that allows users to share scrollable content. Instagram launched this feature to provide its users the convenience of discovering their recommendations, public figures, and favorite bloggers easily. Instagram Guides initially started as a feature that helped provide information and resources to the people suffering from the coronavirus. However, later in November 2020, it expanded and started including other content too.


If you’re selling products on Instagram and people, start recommending your product or brands on their guides, that could be considered free marketing or publicity. It would add credibility to your brand and attract more customers. Similar is the case with the Place guide.  If your restaurant or shop gets featured, then that would attract more tourists and customers. Influencers and bloggers will also enjoy free publicity and recognition if their posts get featured on the Post Guide.


Instagram Guides is situated between the tagged photo and photo grid icon, and it looks like a booklet icon. You can find them in the Explore tab and share Guides in your stories and direct messages. If you want to view a specific page’s or account’s guide, all you need to do is visit their profile and click on the middle icon.

Instagram guides will have photos and videos either from the content creator or from another user. These posts will have tips, bits of advice, and comments from the creator. If you want to know more about the guide, click on the post. Every Instagram guide tells users if it’s a place, post, or a product guide for avoiding confusion. If you look above the title, it also tells you how many posts are in each guide. Users can also buy products via product guides as they’re directly linked to Instagram Shopping.


If you’re confused as to what Guide type is the most appropriate for you, then here’s an overview of the three guide types, i.e., posts, places, and product guides, available for you.


The place Guide helps you create travel guides for various places. In your travel guide, you can highlight the businesses, restaurants, and all the shopping spots.


Instagram product guide allows you to curate a myriad of products from Instagram shops. You can also create a list of your favorite picks and recommendations in your guide.

·       POST GUIDE

The Instagram Posts guide is a collection of posts you’ve saved or selected on Instagram. It helps you in sharing information, resources, and opinions related to a certain topic or issue.


Creating your first Instagram Guide is very easy. All you have to do is open the app and then visit your profile. At the top right is a plus-shaped icon. You need to click that, then click on “Guide.” Instagram will then ask you to select your Guide Type. After you’re done selecting your Guide type, you need to choose the products, posts, and locations you’d like to curate. After you click “Next”, you need to write the guide’s description and title and explain why you recommend others the respective guide. After you’ve clicked next, you can preview, save, and share your guide.


Once you’ve selected and curated your content, after clicking Next appears the format page where you will choose all the details necessary for formatting.

  1. It’s imperative to add a title for all your guides as Instagram won’t let you move forward to the next step. Avoid keeping lengthy titles and try to keep them simple, short, and engaging.
  2. You can provide details of what your guide is about and how it can be beneficial to others in the description section, which is named “What’s this guide about.”
  3. Instagram Guide’s cover photo has a portrait size of 3:4, and you have the liberty to change its cover photo to an image of your choice whenever you like. You cannot reposition it.
  4. You can also add more posts whenever you want by clicking the Add button at the bottom. If you want to delete posts or change their order, you need to click on the three dots located at the right side of your posts and then click on “Remove.” Click on the reorder option and rearrange them by dragging, as per your preference.


Instagram guides are a great new addition to Instagram, and if used smartly, they can be very beneficial for businesses and influences in terms of marketing and engagement. It is a very convenient and user-friendly way of adding credibility to your brand’s name. In a nutshell, it’s a feature that can help marketer share their content and engage with their target audience at the same time.

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