How to Use Subliminal Messaging Tactics in Your Paid Social Media Campaigns

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Subliminal messaging enables marketers to influence the audience on a deeper level. It is all about getting into their heads with an objective to make them realize how badly they want the product or how useful it is going to be to them if they decide to purchase it.

Subliminal messaging may make the message more persuasive. When talking about how long it takes to create an impact on the audience, it may take a few days or several months. But on average, it takes 26 to 30 days to permanently affect  a person’s subconscious.

Let me make something clear over here. Subliminal messaging isn’t about manipulating the audience and getting them to buy the product/service somehow.  It is used when a need for a product/service already exists, and you are just presenting a solution with the aim that it will help the audience out.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few subliminal marketing tactics that you can use in your paid social media campaigns. They will help you boost your brand awareness and get more people to notice you. So let’s get started:

1. Incorporate subliminal messaging in brand logos:

Logos not only speak words but also deliver messages. Don’t base your brand logo only on words, but draft it in such a way that it speaks more than that. Subliminal messaging can be best used in brand logos. They are short and effective. Appealing and influencing. They create brand perceptions and are retained longer by the human mind.

More importantly, they can be best used to communicate hidden, useful messages. Brand logos are used in most of the marketing efforts, so they can be used to deliver effective messages.

That’s why it is always wise to invest in brand logos. Design them in such a way that they leave an impact on the audience’s minds.

2. Sub-audible messaging in audios:

Sound can be very effective in influencing people and creating an impact on them. Sub-audible messaging can also help incorporate subliminal messaging in social media campaigns.

Since subaudible messages have a lower volume, they are absorbed by the human brain. They are more effective than loud messages and may create an impact that you cannot imagine.

3. Use sub-visual messaging:

Sub-visual messaging is also an effective form of subliminal messaging. It can be in the form of flashing images in videos or hinting at something important through the use of popular colors that are used to signal something unique.

Colors can influence the psychology of a human. They influence his/her thinking process and can bring a significant change in how he/she perceives things. Like red color signals, danger, excitement, energy. Yellow signals fun, optimism, happiness. Blue is perceived to signal calmness, trust, and stability.

These colors can be used to deliver a message more effectively and can make people perceive the social ads the way you want to.

4. Use typography:

Subliminal messages can also be sent through typography. Capitalizing letters can be used to communicate something. Alternatively, obscuring letters can also sometimes hint at something important. The way you arrange your text may influence the audience’s decision-making process.

Use this art in such a way that it boosts curiosity about the brand in the audience and makes them scroll through what you have to say.

Font type may also help influence the audience’s mind. It may sound unimportant but choosing how you write your message sometimes renders even an important message unimportant. This may result in all your marketing efforts going to waste.

An effective way to use typography is in video marketing.

5. Use song and message combination:

Songs influence all of us. They are used by marketers and advertisers to communicate messages and create an impact on the audience. Whether it’s a simple message or something more detailed, it can be presented in an effective way through the medium.

It is a very useful tactic to include your message in a song and present it. The message will be incorporated in the music. A way to do this is by overlaying the message over the song. This technique will build the audience’s trust into your brand. It will enhance its credibility which may result in greater purchases of your products.

Marketers are facing more challenges in accomplishing their objectives and being impactful. They try to look for marketing techniques that are influential and yield positive results. One of the techniques that is very effective is including subliminal messaging in your paid social media campaigns. It enables marketers to connect to the audience on a subconscious level. This kind of connection is more effective and influencing.

Subliminal messaging is not only more persuasive but also enables the marketers to build product/service trust in the eyes of the consumer. This improves the brands selling statistics and also helps in retaining them as long-term customers.

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