How to Use the Most Powerful Sales Tool for Your Business: Video Marketing

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Videos are more expressive, compelling, and engaging than texts and images. They use cues such as gestures, body language, and sound to communicate messages. They can embed all other mediums like infographics, podcasts, and texts within one medium and design a more powerful and provoking; a quality that is possessed by no other medium. Here’s a graph to show how visual content marketing is dominating all other mediums of marketing over time:

1. Video marketing increases brand awareness, call-to-action, and customer retention:

Studies say that companies that have opted for videos as their marketing strategy have increased their revenue by over 63%. Promotions through online videos significantly increase the traffic on the company’s website, resulting in 34% higher conversion rates. Visual content marketing is a great way to generate repeated views, increase online sharing of the content, and earn some great brand ambassadors. It generates 85% more leads and increases brand awareness by 80%. A call-to-action that results from a video is way more than that developed from a regular sidebar click.

2. Video management platforms:

Successful marketers use these platforms to achieve their strategic objectives. These platforms enable marketers to implement metrics to measure how well their content is doing among the audience. It helps them come up with ways that can enhance the ROI for their marketing campaigns.

The analysis tools that these platforms provide enable marketers to study their market in-depth and determine which type of content is appreciated by them. Not only this, the marketers can measure and compare the actual results with the projected results and improve and enhance their content.

3. YouTube is the best means to establish a brand:

One way video marketing can be used to increase sales is by utilizing YouTube to promote and establish its brands. There are various options available to choose from, like YouTube vlogging, cross-channel video engagement, and webinars.

Vlogs increase the trustworthiness of the vlogger. It is a great way to establish product/service credibility in the eyes of the customer. Cross-channel video engagement means that the company can add its YouTube videos directly on its official website and increase traffic on one platform from the other.

Webinars may help the company demonstrate the brand live to the target customers, take brand leaders live on an interview to evoke interest in them or present a brand through slideshows. 

4. Videos may rank high in Google search results:

Videos are 45 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google than pages full of text. This is because one would not find many results containing videos on them compared to text results. However, it is essential to state here that the videos must contain enough SEO to rank high in the search results. This can be achieved through optimizing the thumbnails, titles, descriptions, etc.

5. Live videos are a must:

Research shows that almost 82% of the interviewed customers expect a live video from a brand. They say that they get an experience as if they were using the brand personally. Good videos influence their buying decisions and are likely to increase brand association by 139%.

6. Videos influence the decisions of the viewers:

If the company wants to influence the decisions of a customer, video marketing is a great strategy. Whether they are simple customers or business executives, a well-designed brand video can produce great results. Here are some figures to show videos influence viewers than any other medium:

  • Video users have 27% higher click-through rates.
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  • Three-quarters of business executives watch work-related videos weekly

Research says that 72% of the people would rather use videos to gain an understanding of product/service compared to blog posts or articles.

7. Video re easy to remember and recall:

Videos are easy to memorize and recall. Research shows that a combination of both visualization and audio is easier for the viewers to memorize and recall at later times. People only remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they hear and see. When the customers recall the brands, they not only aim to recollect information about the products that they intend to buy but also tend to pay attention to other products and services of the company.

In short, video marketing is dominating all other mediums of marketing, and soon it will be found to be the most commonly adopted video marketing strategy. A well-made and well-planned video marketing campaign can do wonders; it will not only enable the company to increase sales but to establish itself as a long term and trusted brand through its features and benefits.

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