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Video marketing strategies are noted to be highly effective when it comes to social media campaigns’ success. Click-through rate on videos can help boost a businesses’ quality and increase its organic reach on social media channels.  

Researches have reported that video ads on social media such as Facebook and YouTube receive a 30% higher number of views and are more likely to be shared amongst peers, resulting in the increasing reach and click-through rates of businesses.  

Once brands focus on including videos in their social media campaigns, it is crucial to know what strategies will increase the click-through rate by those videos. This article is your step-by-step guide on how to use a practical approach that will lead to increasing engagement on your page.

Understand Your Target Market

The very first thing for brands to understand before creating any videos is what their niche is and what they demand. It is important to know what your customers expect from you and what would attract them to your business.  

To do so, brands need to carry out extensive consumer research to help them figure out the “pain points” of their target market so those problems can be addressed through video marketing. It is also crucial to keep an eye out for videos that are getting a high number of views to take inspiration from those.

Create Catchy Video Titles

Another technique that can help brands increase their click-through rate is by creating the best titles for their videos. Different tools online, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be used as a useful tool to research what kind of words are being searched for most often.  

This information can be used to create titles for your videos that would help your content pop up on the top when customers search for something. This will help you increase your click-through rate and increase your reach because every time a consumer searches for something similar to your offerings, they would see your content pop up first.

Creating Appealing Thumbnails for Videos

Social media campaigns can get maximum engagement from consumers if the video content created by brands has an appealing thumbnail. Research has reported that videos with blank backgrounds or simple video shots have a lower click-through rate than those with a well-designed, catchy thumbnail.

Start the Video with a Punchy Beginning

Several viewers scroll away in the first few seconds of opening a video if the beginning does not look appealing to them. Brands must develop video content with a catchy opening and some excitement in the video’s middle and end.  

A vital idea for your video content will help increase the click-through rate and increase customers’ chances of landing on your websites once they have watched the complete video.

Including Subscriber CTAs to Retain Customers

If the video content created by brands is up-to-the-mark and meets their target market’s expectations, there is a high chance that they would end up subscribing to your social media channels. Including a call to action in your videos can increase your chances of subscriptions, leading to higher CTRs in the long term.  

Once you reach a high number of subscribers or likes on their social media channels through organic growth, there is a higher possibility of increased CTRs that would notify the customers every time you upload a new video or image for your social media campaign, e.g., Facebook/YouTube. 

Always Link Video Marketing and Email Marketing together

“Video and email are a match made in marketing heaven” is a metaphor that is widely followed when it comes to the success of social media campaigns.   

Research has reported that just mentioning the word “video” in email subject lines increases the chances of open rates by 20%, click-through rates by 65%, and results in a lesser amount of un-subscribers of the day.


Video marketing has always been a treasure when it comes to the success of social media campaigns. The more effective your video ads are, the more your target audience would engage with your brand online and the more click through rates – which all leads to greater profit for your brand.  

After keeping a constant check on CTRs before and after using video content, there is a high probability for you to willingly invest a lot more time and effort into creating video content for your social media campaigns. 

I hope this article helps you in getting the best out of your campaigns. 

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