Brand Revitalizing with Video

Digital Marketing

Idaho, United States

Viewrave's commercial helped revamp the StockX brand.

In 2018, it had been 3 years since StockX launched and a lot had changed. Their boot-strapped startup had transformed into a cultural epicenter for the sneakerhead and hypebeast subculture sweeping the nation.

Acting as both a resale marketplace as well as a “stock market of things” which tracks the value of goods like you would the price of a stock, their innovative concept had taken hold of the market and was now bringing in $2 million-plus in transactions daily.

Needless to say, their operation had expanded significantly, but the one aspect of their business which still had not received a face-lift was their video marketing.

The Problem

StockX’s only existing commercial was a 2-year-old explainer video which was starting to show signs of rust.

Their audience knew how StockX works. Now it was time to strengthen that connection and establish a formidable brand identity which would launch a new era of their company.

While it did a great job of describing how their platform works, the launch video didn’t capture the essence of their brand or what it means to be a sneakerhead. Not to mention, it’s 2-minute runtime strained most audience’s attention spans and couldn’t fit into the 30-second time slots of broadcast TV ads.

The Results​

A great brand film creates a feeling about a product. Think of Nike, Apple, or Google — their commercials all conjure a distinct feeling and build their brand’s identity.

StockX set out to do just that with “Sold Out”, a 30-second commercial which would make them a banner-flag for all sneakerheads. The project used a depiction of the all-too-familiar insanity at the line of a sneaker sale as a vehicle to capture the hypebeast subculture of their audience.

Helming the spot was director David Tappan, who decided on filming it in one take to add to the sense of insanity by giving the events a feeling of unfolding in real time. Precisely coordinating over 100 actors and shooting in a narrow 1-hour window at magic hour, this was an ambitious undertaking which paid off.

The commercial became massively popular among sneakerheads, largely because it clearly understood the world it was depicting. A sense of authority was created by casting an ensemble filled with the biggest influencers in sneaker and streetwear culture including Jacob Starr, Jaysse Lopez, Yeezy Busta, and Racks Hogan. Their combined following of over 1.4 million fans increased the organic reach of the spot and showed fans that StockX is a company which “gets it”.

The spot went on to air during prime time slots on MTV, ESPN, and currently has over 2 million views on YouTube. Today, StockX is valued at over $1 billion and is the #1 brand among its competitors.