Tips for Creating Viral Content on Social Media Platforms

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Social media has become a popular platform for marketers, entrepreneurs, and other influencers to promote their brands, enhance their market presence, and increase their customer base. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become a need for advertisers and markets to sell their products/services and earn new customers.

Becoming a sensation on these platforms is every business’s dream. There are a few tactics that need to be followed to create content that goes viral and encourages engagement. Creating unique content, inducing an impact on the audience through marketing strategies, and connecting with the audience, are only a few of these strategies.

There are no prescribed rules for becoming famous on these platforms, however with some tried-and-tested methods, one can create content that is shareworthy, and appeals to the audience:

1. Consider partnering up with influencers and brands:

There are social media personalities that social media users follow and admire. They have created some impact on their lives and are likely to influence their decisions. Consider partnering up with those figures. You can sign them up as your brand ambassadors or have them promote your product/service on the platform. The result is a massive difference in your brand’s popularity.

Not only this, it would be great to collaborate with other famous brands and increase your brand’s awareness. It will significantly impact your brand’s following, and people likely start opting for it.

2. Use quotes and words in your content:

Including inspirational quotes in your content can improve your content’s quality to a great extent. People are more likely to engage in such videos and posts, and they will undoubtedly take more interest in them than a plain social media post.

Inspirational stories also have an impact on the audience. They grasp the user’s attention and are likely to generate more shares and reactions.

Content having such characteristics is more likely to trend on social media than any other type of content.

3. Timing is crucial:

In addition to creating evoking content, it is equally important to post it at the right time to generate the required responses. However, the users are most active on social media; however, it varies according to the platforms. Studies say that the hours when most traffic on social media are 9 am to 3 pm on weekdays, and new content should be posted during those hours to get the highest views and shares.

Research shows that Facebook users are most active between 9 am and 3 pm:

facebook Global Engagement

While on Instagram they are most active during:


For social media, in general, the best day to post content is Wednesday when the competition is lower and people are most likely to view the content.

4. A short glimpse should convey every detail of the message:

Most social media content creators face a significant challenge because their content should deliver the most message quickly. It should be easily scannable and provide a clear understanding of the message to the audience.  the content must use captivating titles and descriptions. The thumbnails should be visually attractive, and the headlines should deliver the message concisely.

This is typical behavior of social media users noticed on social media platforms: they look for the message’s gist by skimming through it rather than dedicating time to reading the content.

5. Visuals should be attention-grabbing:

Studies say that your content’s color scheme impacts the audiences’ responses regarding your content. The color scheme contributes to 60% of the visitor’s decision-making process to continue browsing or move on.

Research shows that if your Facebook post has an image embedded in it (even only one), there is a probability that it will be shared more, compared to a position that does not contain any picture.


People also take more interest in an infographic than a simple, plain text-article. Infographics are the most shared content compared to other types of content.

Content type

6. The content should evoke emotions:

The emotions that affect our behavior may be best summarized through Robert Plutchik’s (psychologist) wheel of emotions:

Flower graph

Emotions evoke reactions, and the best way to make the audience react to your message is to make sure that it incorporates the right emotions. Including feelings highlighted above in your content may enable the audience to better relate to your message, resulting in more shares and better responses.

These were some tips that will improve your content’s popularity among the typical social media platforms. Your content will perform better and earn more shares than usual. Creating content that serves huge on social media is challenging. There is no foolproof formula that you can follow to ensure that your content goes viral, but with some basic practices, you can at least try to perform your best, and nobody knows you can even outperform!

Effective Social Media Content Strategy

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