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Internet users watch billions of videos every day as people find them very appealing and engaging.  Videos don’t just make marketing effective but also improve the search engine result page (SERP) ranking of your content. This is because Google takes into account user preferences and is always customizing and changing the algorithm as per the latest preferences and trends. With the rise in users watching video content online every day, a good marketer will leverage this to optimize and create a better search ranking for their content. Following are some ways how this can be achieved.


More than billions of videos are watched on a daily basis across the globe. This is primarily because the majority of people prefer visually engaging content over texts and blogs. Hence, if you want to promote your blog, webpage, or website, you must be careful not to add too much text. Adding more videos and graphical content will garner the audience’s attention more than text ever will. Suppose you intend to create awareness regarding your product or any cause. In that case, you can add visually appealing informational videos that help you send your message across more articulately and effectively. Users prefer to watch such videos over reading excruciatingly long and tiresome paragraphs. However, even though videos increase the probability of users visiting your website or blog, it is essential to add videos that are both visually appealing and have content or script that is guaranteed to grab viewers’ attention. Otherwise, they will have the same effect on your audience as long mundane paragraphs.


Embedding videos means you take videos from their source page, e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, and post them on your webpage.  Embedding increases the engagement quality of any webpage. Since users enjoy watching videos, marketers can use this fact and run video ads or product reviews, taken from YouTube or other platforms, on their webpages and social media handles. For instance, if you have a webpage selling a specific product, then adding a product review or feedback video from places like Vimeo or YouTube will add credibility to your product. Users are more likely to visit your page over a page that doesn’t have such engaging content.  

A marketer can also leverage the fact that renowned platforms like YouTube have billions of active users. Embedding videos from YouTube can be beneficial and crucial in creating better rankings. This is because YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. Embedding videos from google means Google will rank those pages and websites higher, which content from YouTube over webpages and websites without any embedded content.


Any sensible marketer will not negate the power of social media and the crucial role it plays in the world of marketing. This is because social media can help create increased user engagement levels as billions of users spend their timing watching videos on these platforms. Due to this, adding videos on your company’s social media handle is more likely to increase the influx of user traffic and backlinks, thus create better Google rankings. Since popular social media websites have more than billions of active users, if you add your videos on such widely used social media platforms, then google will prefer content from such huge platforms and rank them first.  


As of 2018, more than 51% of the internet traffic was from cell phone users. Around 90% of cell phone users prefer watching videos on their phones over watching them on their desktop PC; one reason could be that reading texts on cellphones can sometimes become difficult because of the small font size. Thus, optimizing your videos, making the vertical video format for cell phone users, and ensuring that user experience on your webpage is top-notch become crucial in creating better google rankings. As mentioned before, since users who browse the internet from their cellphones are huge in numbers and prefer videos over lengthy texts, adding videos and then optimizing them for these users will result in greater traffic, thus creating better google rankings.


Video marketing can significantly impact creating better and practical strategies that manage to make better rankings successfully. Ignoring the impact of videos and the growing internet users have in watching videos online is an unwise move and will reflect badly on your overall google ranking. In a nutshell, embedding your videos from platforms with many active users, optimizing keeping in mind your target audience, and leveraging the power of social media can help you get a better google ranking and user traffic. However, to maintain this ranking and ensure that users keep coming back, content plays the most pivotal and crucial role. If your video and web page content is below par, users will leave halfway, thus decreasing user engagement, which will ultimately result in a lower Google ranking. 

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