What Are The New Marketing Tools Launched By Vimeo?

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As a marketer, after you’ve determined your target audience, the next step is to reach out and connect with them. Vimeo has had a history of being a platform that makes video marketing easy for marketers by offering several marketing tools. With that being said, in the recent past, Vimeo took things up a notch, announced several integrations, and launched its video production tool to make marketing campaigns more effective.


Vimeo announced the integration of many useful tools to aid in lead generation, video production, engagement, and marketing. Vimeo’s three primary reasons to integrate itself with these tools were to collect its user’s information, including their messages, preferences, and dislikes, and then create contact forms that can be optimized and customized to enhance lead generation. The next goal was to increase engagement by sending GIFs via emails to the collected leads. Their third aim was to integrate promotion with all leading social platforms.


Vimeo integrated HubSpot’s CRM platform, which will help users seamlessly generating leads. With the help of CRM, you can manage and keep tabs on all interactions. It also highlights the aspects and areas which need additional attention. CRM helps you drive sales analytics and promote team communication.

If you want to integrate HubSpot with Vimeo, you need to have a Premium, Enterprise, or Business Vimeo account. To connect, go to the dropdown menu, click on “Settings”, and then select the Marketing tab. Now click on the “Connect” button next to HubSpot. You’ll be asked to accept specific terms. After you decide to accept the terms, sign in to your HubSpot account, choose the list where you want to send your content, and then click on “Sync.” After integration, you will be able to embed your videos and sync your audience’s information to your mailing list.


Mailchimp is a tool that helps small businesses in making their marketing campaigns effective by offering several useful features. It gives your business a custom domain, promotes engagement via emails, GIFs, and attractive templates, and helps you keep tabs on your analytics. Mailchimp allows you to share your Vimeo video on all popular social media platforms. In case of a new lead, it sends them a personalized message and informs you about them.

The MailChimp integration in Vimeo helps marketers in email marketing by generating high-quality leads. Mailchimp generates leads in the form of videos and syncs them with your mailing list. It also allows you to embed your video’s GIFs in emails, thus aiding in engagement.

The steps for integrating Mailchimp with Vimeo are similar to those you follow when you want to integrate HubSpot with Vimeo. You need to have a Premium, Enterprise, or Business Vimeo account and follow the steps mentioned above.   


Constant contact is a tool developed to help marketers in email marketing. This tool allows a marketer to share their videos in emails and on landing pages and websites. This helps increase the effectiveness of their email marketing campaign and ultimately increasing engagement. It also sends welcome emails to all its new customers, resends emails to the customers who haven’t opened the previous emails sent, and smartly segments all the contacts. In constant communication, you’re not allowed to embed videos on social media platforms and websites. However, it will enable you to create a link for your Vimeo videos.

To integrate your Constant contact account with Vimeo, after selecting “integrations,” like the Vimeo block in the “All” tab and click on “connect.” After this, you need to insert your Vimeo account details and click “allow.”


Vimeo is a tool for video production. It is ideal for beginners due to its user-friendly interface. Vimeo creates a bundle of useful tools that will help marketers keep tabs on their growth and analytics and distribute and review their videos.

Vimeo is explicitly created for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). They can buy it easily for $20 per month. It comes with a myriad of marketing tools like their unlimited stock, editing, and creation tools that can help SMB’s in their marketing campaign. They also provide you with the option of automatically tailoring videos for all social media platforms, i.e., creating videos in all formats and ratios. In the near future, Vimeo plans on adding more templates and advanced editing options. It also intends to integrate itself with platforms like Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, etc.


Lead generation, engagement, and promotion are key components that make a successful and effective marketing campaign. Hence, in a nutshell, in the recent past, Vimeo announced integration with three tools and a video production tool that’ll help amateur marketers and small and medium-sized businesses promote their business.

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