What is Content Marketing? The Viewrave Perspective.

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In the data-driven and customer-driven landscape of businesses today, why is Content Marketing so important?

Comprehend the deep essence of Content Marketing in this article.

Nobody tells stories better than humans; people all around us have narrated some form of information since the beginning of times. While we remember narratives more than facts, figures, and scientifically proven data, it is also a reality that great stories stay in our minds much longer.

Some even postulate that narratives are inherited.

Narrative memories are why movies like Deadpool and others based on Marvel characters have stayed with us over such an extended period: they have an incredibly engaging backstory that keeps us hooked. And more, it’s why Marvel characters are themselves based on mythologies of old.

Content marketing is precisely this.

Content Marketing Defined

When people like you and I hear the words “Content Marketing,” we think up of visually attractive infographics, informative blogs or articles, memes on Facebook, snarky Tweets, or a video that has been shared multiple times over the internet.

But content marketing has existed as long as humans have, way before the internet age. Because speaking strictly in non-technical terms, content marketing is nothing more than impressive story-telling.

Let’s take a look at the book-ish definition of content marketing. As reported by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI, 2019):

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Let’s break down this definition to understand better what this means.

Content marketing is a form of imperative communication that employs the use of any medium. Brands use content marketing to communicate' their products or services to prospects and audiences alike.

Reading the above definition, most of you marketers would think about a blog you’re running or an ad production you are working on and may get under the false impression that you have got content marketing all right. I say false impression because if your content is all about promoting your brand’s products and services, that is not content marketing. It is just a simple advertisement.

What makes content marketing different from an advertisement is that it is valuable (for the customers) and relevant (to the target audience). Content marketing almost has human characteristics, in that it is reusable, consistent over an extended time, educational instead of merely being informative, and beneficial. With the use of content marketing, the aim is to gain the maximum number of people by providing them with information that will make a positive difference in their lives. When brands arm customers with as much information as required to highlight a product or service’s usability, it eventually leads to positive conversions on their brand.

Now that we understand what content marketing is, it is essential to highlight why it is crucial for all small and big businesses today.

Your business thrives on acquiring more and unique customers. Content marketing focuses on capturing a broad audience’s attention and building a strong and lasting relationship with them. With this, it is clear that content marketing is a long-term strategy that would translate into profits for your business tomorrow, instead of being merely a quick fix today.

To better understand this concept, consider the profile of a twenty-two-year-old female who has just completed her graduation and is all set to step into the professional world.

The most significant pain point for this profile is to find the perfect work outfit suitable for every occasion.

Let’s say your brand sells workwear and accessories for these professional women. To connect to this prospect, your brand must understand the struggle they go through every single day. Being a source of information and content for this prospect could magnify your relationship with them, driving awareness and, as a result driving sales.

If you asked how your brand could be the sole hub of information by providing content for your prospect day in and day out, you would create a genuine relationship, which is the foundation for a great customer relationship.

Stop worrying about “content marketing hacks” or “content get rich quick schemes.”

Instead, think about building genuine relationships.

Ultimately, that is the power of content marketing.

Next Steps

Content Marketing Kickstart Questions:

  1. Who is your customer? What would their life look like if they had what they felt was a perfect life?
  2. What are 3-4 tips your brand could offer to help them achieve the perfect life?

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