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Google Web stories are similar to Instagram and Facebook stories. You create these mini AMP pages for your website’s posts. They help users express themselves via images and videos. At the end of all google web stories, there’s a Call to Action (CTA) that allows users to visit your website if they need more information. 

They’re situated at the top of google search results. They can also be viewed on google Images, google app, and the discover option. Google web stories give you control over your content’s format, the time for which you want it to be “live,” and the place where you want to publish it.



The first step is to download the web stories plugin, then click on “Create New Story” on the Dashboard, or you can go to the Word press menu, click on “stories,” and then click on “Add new.”


Web stories initially open with a blank template with the asset manager on the left side containing all the things you can use or upload in your story. You can also add texts by clicking the “T” icon. If you want to upload pictures, you can click on the upload option on the right side and click on the image twice. Google web stories give you options like rotate, change texts, etc. and allow you to work with illustrations as well. You also add links to your post by simply clicking on the element. After you’re done uploading and editing your story, you can preview it through the “preview” option.

Before publishing your web story, you need to add metadata to improve it and make your story valid. You can do so by adding logos, cover photos, and permalinks after clicking “document.”


  1. The XML sitemap must contain all the stories’ URLs.
  2. Don’t add an excessive amount of links from external sources.
  3. Don’t add excessive amounts of ads as viewers tend to get annoyed.
  4. Avoid using a lot of text, and don’t make the titles long.
  5. Use the AMP test tool to test your stories to check eligibility.


  1. Make web stories for your top 3-10 posts first.
  2. Embedding slows down your page’s speed and is unnecessary as permalinks will give each story an equal chance to rank. Hence, embedding isn’t recommended.
  3. It would help if you linked your web stories from your webpage or other relevant pages to posts.
  4. Google recommends you, the publishers, to make a web story landing page featuring links to all your web stories.
  5. Name your web stories; however, name them in a way that not just optimizes your page for SEO but is different from your post’s name to avoid duplicity.
  6. Creating/publishing quality content is imperative.
  7. If you have any XML sitemaps on your web story, you must submit them to google.
  8. Run the latest version to avoid lags and other errors.
  9. If you’re uploading videos from the WordPress Media library to your web stories, don’t use an excessive amount of hosting resources.


You can insert your google analytics ID in your web Story plugin, and it’ll automatically enter your tracking. For tracking your web story analytics on google analytics, the Google site kit plugin isn’t necessary or required.

It is recommended to create a new google analytics profile for your Web stories as web story traffic is different from your site’s traffic. If you skip this step, it’ll harm your RPM calculation as you’ll have a lot of virtually un-monetized users. Google recommends you make a new dashboard for your web stories in your google analytics.


Google web stories give you complete access and control over your stories. It gives you the free will to decide for yourself how you want to monetize your stories and how long you want them to go live. They help elevate your brand’s image with its HD, full-screen video, and seamless audio option that does justice to your marketing plan. Web stories also help you track your engagement stats, and they’re a great way of increasing your site’s engagement. In a nutshell, they help you tell your story visually and appealingly.

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